The physical version available for purchase is missing some very useful components which aren’t available through the online shop due to limitations in component choice.

None of the following are essential for the game, but we believe that you should strongly consider ways to hide identity cards and protect the cards.

Cotton Bags

After experimenting with envelopes, and craft supplies, we eventually settled on “cloth bags” as the best solution for holding loyalty and role cards.

It’s possible to manage the roles and identities without this, but you can be a lot more relaxed when shuffling bags.

Our favourite bags are medium cotton bags from Tiny Box Company.

Don’t forget to buy TEN of them!

Card Sleeves

We cannot recommend the use of card sleeves strongly enough! They’ll keep your cards looking as good as new, while protecting them from gaining any marks or nicks that might spoil the surprise of knowing what card is coming next.

After many years of sleeve use with our own games, we’ve come to prefer Dragon Shield and they have sleeves that we think are perfect in design, size, and quantity.